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New Fall Sale - African Textiles

Posted by Admin on 6th Oct 2016

The vibrant colors, hand-made quality and unique artistic designs of African fabrics and textiles have stimulated the fashion senses of people from different parts of the world for centuries. The well-known designers in the fashion industry have started to love African Fabric Patterns and used them in their sought-after fashion shows.

There’s a rich cultural heritage behind each of the African fabrics being sold today and not just a mixture of bright colors and patterns to entice people to use it. These colors symbolize and represent important roots in African people from all sectors of their society. The Akan people of West Africa wear red, brown and black for funerals, white is used for festive occasions. The Ashanti people of Ghana use gold to represent status and serenity, yellow stands for fertility and vitality. The color green refers to renewal and growth, stands for birth and death. Blue signifies their belief in God and the supremacy of the blue sky. Blue also symbolizes purity and harmony. The color red generally means political passion, resistance and protection. The Ashanti also believe that red provides protective powers. Black conveys spiritual awareness and union with ancestors.

African Textile Fabrics are the foremost channel of Africans to communicate themselves and their rich historical backgrounds. The origin started around the eleventh towards the thirteenth century. The fabrics are made from any of these clothing production techniques like dyeing, weaving, printing and embroidering methods. Fibers used are mostly cotton, silk, raffia, bark and linen. African fabrics are rarely produced with just one method. The skills and craftsmanship exhibited in each hand made assembly is truly admirable making these African textiles an important art authentic collection.

African Pattern Fabrics leverage the fashion icons of the world and continues to gain more exposure in the fashion scene as more popular personalities and celebrities include them in their wardrobe collections. You can start to join the bandwagon with the Fall African prints which you can use to make a sassy but elegant fashion statement. The prints and colors are refreshing to exude vibrancy and vigor loved by the wearers and onlookers.

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